Production Services, Operations Support

Our Production personnel support our clients day to day operations on their facilities.

Typical Responsibilities/Job Duties include:

The supervision of work sites ensuring that all site activities are performed in accordance with company procedural and HSE requirements; monitoring of all operating parameters and performance indicators; taking such corrective actions to achieve production objectives while keeping the equipment operating within defined limits; ensuring installations and work sites are kept clean and in safe working condition.

Our Services in this Area Include:
  • Supply of manpower with customized training relevant industry experience
  • Plant Commission & start-up
  • Plant Operations to achieve targeted uptime
  • Monitoring & control of process variables
  • Crane operation & Maintenance
  • Plant cleanup maintenance
  • Logistics coordination
  • Warehouse attending
  • Operations coaching
  • Compentency Assessment
  • On-going HSSE management – supply of safety advisors