Valve Services

Services such as valve repairs, welding and fabrication and instrumentation are carried out by our personnel at our machine shop which is located at the Kenson Group’s head office.

Valve Reconditioning/Repairs

Our Mobile Valve Unit allows on the spot services for shut down or Turn-a-Round (TAR) on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis. The Unit contains two (2) certified test stands, work bench, lathe, sandblasting unit, tools and accessories. Kenson’s Valve shop is completely equipped to conduct overhaul and repairs to ball and gate valves up to 30″ in bore size.

Welding & Fabrication

Kenson’s workshop includes equipment to support welding and fabrication for the following:

  • Platform structures/walkways/railings
  • Carrying Baskets – to transport goods and materials offshore
  • Stands and Mounts Electrical and Instrumentation equipment on offshore facilities – as part of the process we also provide minor sandblasting works as required.
  • Pressure Testing
  • Equipment assembly prior to commissioning
Corrosion Maintenance

Kenson’s corrosion Maintenance Technicians employ best practice, procedures and guidelines for material selection, corrosion control, corrosion monitoring, inspection and maintenance. These cover management and organizational requirements for the handling and reporting of corrosion related information.