Kenson is STOW Certified!

Kenson Operational Services Limited has completed its STOW assessment and has been listed as a STOW-compliant company.

The Kenson Group considers health, safety, quality and protection of the environment to be integral parts of our business management. We will manage our business in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental legislation and giving due considerations to Industry “best practice”, we will ensure that these areas are given held to the same standard that we hold all other major elements of our business to.


We are wholly committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all personnel who work with us, or may be affected by our operations. To achieve this objective we will conduct our activities in such a way as to “far as reasonably practicable” pro-actively protect the health and safety of our employees and other persons affected by our activities. We will give proper regard to the prevention of pollution and to the protection and conservation of the environment. We commit to continual improvement in these areas. We will strive to deliver a service of high quality, suitable for and compliant to the requirements of our customers, at a competitive price and we will pursue opportunities to offer continual improvement by embracing best practice and offering innovative solutions. With stringent use of established policies we have established a framework to ensure that risks are identified, communicated and controlled in all areas of our operations, with the ultimate objective of achieving zero incident status in personal injuries, asset damage and environmental protection. We also recognise the importance of ensuring business continuity in the event of any disruption to normal business. We will continue to develop and improve, communicate and implement appropriate policies in each area of our businesses in line with relevant standards and industry best practice.

Did You Know?

The Kenson Group encourages all its employees to use the ‘Refusal to Work’ policy to ensure that no work is carried out in a potentially unsafe environment. It’s a team effort!


  • Ensure that our safety goals and standards are understood and followed at all levels in the Company
  • Set targets and objectives for continuous health, safety, environmental and service delivery improvements
  • Measure, appraise and report on health and safety performance
  • Provide appropriate training for all staff to enable them to carry out their work in a safe manner
  • Ensure appropriate response procedures are in place and regularly tested to minimise the impact of any incident or emergency situation
  • Hold management accountable for health and safety performance
  • Include health and safety competences and performance in the appraisal of all staff
  • Empower all our employees to refrain from or STOP any activity that they consider a threat to health and safety
  • Engage with contractors and suppliers to ensure that their health and safety standards match ours
  • Periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of this policy, our management systems, targets and objectives