Carbon Net Zero

Solar Appreciation Day

SOLAR APPRECIATION DAY By Alyssa Jairam   1.0 SUMMARY Solar Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the second Friday of March and recognizes the importance and benefits of Solar Energy.…
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Exploring the Depletion of the Ozone Layer

SUMMARY The Ozone layer performs a critical role in the protection from ultraviolet radiation (UV). Although global ozone depletion has been ongoing, anthropogenic contributions of CFC and HFC emissions result…
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Preserving Our Wetlands

What is a Wetland? Areas where the soil isn’t porous enough for water to be absorbed is considered a wetland. This means that the spaces between the soil particles are…
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Solar Energy – Scholarly Paper

Solar Energy – Scholarly Paper Read this paper here:   ABSTRACT  Electricity is one of the largest commodities used as it is essential to our day-to-day activities. Currently, it…
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