Kenson plants Moringa Tree Seedlings for Corpus Christi

On Wednesday 15th June 2022, our employees together with the Kenson Carbon Net Zero Capability Portfolio (KCNZCP) team gathered at our Otaheite compound to plant Moringa seedlings, in anticipation of Corpus Christi the following day. Moringa seedlings were also distributed to our employees so that they could plant at home and in their communities.

One of the environmental benefits of the Moringa tree is that its leaves can store 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year more than any other tree or plant, which can help mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. As such, planting a Moringa tree is one of the many conservative efforts that persons can take to help heal and protect our planet.

Special thanks must be extended to The Carbon Sync – a local NPO that aids Carbon Sequestration through the provision of Moringa seeding, and its founder – Kaveer Phillip, for donating sixty (60) seedlings to our company, and guiding our employees through the planting process.


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